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    Malay Mail, 6 April 2006

Style With Substance
Socialite Mi-Ki Choong takes you into the lives of local movers and shakers

What do you get when you take one elegant heiress, a savvy entrepreneur, property developer and fashionista all rolled into one and give her a television show? One really stylish programme, that’s for sure.

Enter Mi-Ki Choong, the popular socialite is switching from the glare of paparazzi cameras and high society dos, to the glare of the studio camera and editing rooms.

LifeInStyle will be hitting 8TV airwaves every Tuesday, at 11pm.

Not only will Choong be hosting the show, she’s the executive producer and as well as scriptwriter.

“LifeInStyle is not just a TV program. It is a concept, a brand,” Choong said at the show’s launch.

“Its is the first of its kind in Malaysia and I’m honored to be part of this exciting project,” she added.

“The notion behind LifeInStyle is to create an entertaining show that embodies an international feel fused with international guests while featuring local celebrities and personalities.

“All celebrities, brand names and sponsors appearing on the show will be carefully selected. “We want viewers to get only the best.” Choong said.

This is one girl who doesn’t need a job, let alone excel at what she does.

Choong is the granddaughter of the late Choong Ah Choy, the ‘Lorry King’ who founded Choong Keow Lorries, in the 1920s.

Although born with silver chopsticks in her hand, she’s not one to just sit around and take what’s given to her either. She’s out there pushing for more.

She began her rise to the top when she entered University at the tender age of 16, after which she set out to become an entrepreneur by 21.

Choong’s motto in life is ‘If you know who you are and what you want, half the battle is already won’.

She’s been actively involved with a number of organizations including Snap-A-Star, Wanita MCA and the Tsunami Relief Fund.

“We want to ride the Malaysia Boleh spirit!” she said about her new show,

“We’ll be showing the world that Malaysians too can conceptualise quality shows.”

If you’ve ever wondered what the world of the rich and famous was like, this is the show for you.

LifeInStyle delves deep into the shiny universe of Malaysian stars, showing all you ordinary folk out there what makes them tick.

From where they love to eat, to how they play, to what they love to wear, LifeInStyle lays it all on the line, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the world of the rich and famous.

But, if dazzling dinner party environments are not your cup of tea, then there are a number of other reasons to tune into the show.

Feel like winning fragrances worth RM2,000 each?

How about a chance at owning a luxury condominium worth RM300,000 located in Subang USJ?

All you guys have to do is tune into the show for all the details necessary to enter the above mentioned competitions, and you’re one step closer to living the life less ordinary!

For more information on competitions, entry forms and cut off dates, you can also log onto

Different show segments to be featured are The Drawing Board, Urban Chic, How To and Happenings. The show will also include interviews with the likes of Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, Cindy Crawford, Fann Wong, Christy Chung, Anggun, Felipe Massa, Datin Seri Tiara Jaquelina, Raja Zarina, Patrick Wee, Anita Sarawak, Amber Chia, Deanna Yusof, Elaine Daly and more.



    New Sunday Times, 2 April 2006

Legacy of the Lorry King

She’s got it all – looks, fame and head for business. LifeInStyle host Mi-Ki Choong tells SOFIANNI SUBKI she finds inspiration in her late grandfather

A TREND-SETTING socialite. A driven entrepreneur. Her own TV show. When it comes to the lifestyles of the rich and famous, it doesn’t get any more glamorous than that of LifeInStyle host Mi-Ki Choong.

“LifeInStyle is a show that gives viewers an insight into the lives of successful people who have made it, like Tan Sri Francis Yeoh and Cindy Crawford,” says Choong. “It’s done in such a way that it touches on things that everybody likes, such as travel, art, fashion, fine dining and meditation. It’s not just about shopping or buying expensive things. It’s about knowing yourself and doing things that suit your personality.”

Choong’s high-profile life couldn’t have been more different from that of her grandfather’s, who was a low-keyed and intensely private person.

“My grandpa passed away before I was born,” she says. “But I feel close to him because my father keeps his memory alive by telling us stories about his passion for work and his moral and business values. Our family history became a story-telling experience for me.

The late Choong Ah Choy aka the Lorry King, who made his fortune in the transportation industry, even turned down a datukship for fear of publicity that it might carry.

The son of Chinese immigrant Choong Keow whos specialized in bullock carts, Ah Choy took his father’s business to the next level when he set up a lorry company in 1920s that transported timber and fast-moving consumer goods.

It wasn’t long before Choong Keow Lorries became the first and only Malaysian company to be given ‘A’ licences that allowed it access to the entire country, from north to Singapore. Only Pahang was off limits.

“My grandfather was very far sighted; he didn’t just work hard, he worked smart too,” says KL-born Choong. “Even before Merdeka, he began aquiring land in prime areas across the Klang Valley. I believe he wanted a diversified company but his dream was not realized. He died of heart attack when he was attributed to his weakness for bak kut the, which he ate every day.

The family office, which comprised a row of shops, was located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, occupying the piece of land where the Oriental Bank building used to stand. Business was conducted downstairs while Ah Choy, his brothers, wife, three sons and daughters dwelled upstairs.

“It was still ours in 1970s,” says Choong. “I was a baby at the time so I hardly remember anything about it except that there were heavy wooden doors.”

It was there that Ah Choy introduced his family to Jaguars,” says Choong. “As a young boy, my father asked for permission to drive one and crashed on a tree.”

After Ah Choy’s untimely demise, his children ventured into various businesses separately. Choong’s father, U Choong opted to go into property development.

Today, Choong runs the family business with the same dedication and passion. In addition to property development, which is the company’s core business, she has also ventured into food and beverage, information technology and of late, television.

Clearly, Choong has it all. Money, looks and brains. In fact, she’s so brainy that she skipped three years of school and had to obtain special permission to enter university at the age of 16. This was in Australia, where she majored in business at the University of Western Australia in Perth. Prior to that, she and her sister attended a Methodist boarding school.

“When I came back to Malaysia to work, I was just 19,” she says. “I had a huge head-start.”

With all that she’s got going for her, one wonders why she would want to get into the hectic world of showbiz.

“When I was approached two years ago to start my own TV show, I was interested but was convinced that I wouldn’t have time for it. But shortly after, I underwent surgery which changed my outlook in life. When I got a call again about the project, I decided that I would just have to make time for the show.”

What was she suffering from? “Let’s just say I’m lucky to be alive. It wasn’t anything terminal but something I was born with but only recently discovered.”

Now she lives everyday to the fullest and her zest for life is evident in her 13-episode TV programme, which airs on 8TV every Tuesday at 11pm.

But being in front of the camera is not enough for her so she’s taken on extra responsibilities. “I’m also the creator of the format, executive producer, one of the scriptwriters and presenter. It has been a challenging and rewarding experience.”



    The Star, 31 March 2006

Glamourous Touches for TV Show

Undergoing major surgery more than a year ago made entrepreneur and socialite Mi-Ki choong realize life is too short to put aside important matters.

The property developer and heiress to lorry transportation company Choong Keow Lorries took time off to work on her “labour of love” LifeInStyle, a lifestyle television programme with a touch of international and local glamour.

A casual discussion with a friend two years ago helped create the concept for the 13 episode series that is set to kick off next week.

Each half-hour programme is divided into five segments, as part of Choong’s strategy to present current lifestyle plans. However, Choong promised that the programme would be more than just fashion and glamour, as it will give a behind-the-scenes look at successful people.

“This programme is not just about materialism.”

“Its is about being yourself, seeking you own style and staying true to yourself.” she explained.

Speaking at the launch of the TV programme here last week, Choong added that the LifeInStyle programme is more than a TV programme.

“This project is the first of its kind in Malaysia as it is also a concept and a brand,” she said.

The show will guide viewers through segments on fashion, grooming, dining and inspirational stories.

The “drawing board” segment, for example, is an insight to successful people like Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, Cindy Crawford, Anggun, Raja Zarina and Datin Seri Tiara Jaquelina.

The half-hour show also features guest appearances from Syafinaz Selamat, Amber chia, Anita Sarawak, Lina Teoh, Deanna Yusof, Elaine Daly, Alan Yun, Soraya Dean and Alia Soraya among others.

Viewers who tune in every week stand a chance at winning five sets of fragrances worth RM2,000. On the fifth week, viewers will be given the chance to win a RM300, 000 condominium in USJ Subang.

The contest, organized by TrueFitness requires viewers to register at

Adding more sizzle to the TV programme, Choong also revealed their plans to put together a star-studded Red Carpet event for the finale of the firtst season.

She said viewers would be updated on the Red Carpent segment during the show, which will be aired every Tuesday from March 28 on 8TV at 11pm.



    Kosmo, 25 Mac 2006

Rahsia Personaliti dalam LifeInStyle

Masih tercari identity dan memerlukan pakar kecantikan yang boleh membentuk personaliti anda? Tanpa memerlukan belanja yang banyak, dengan hanya setia duduk di hadapan televisyen, anda akan mendapat apa yang diingini.

Program yang harus ditonton untuk memperoleh kehendak anda ialah LifeInStyle. Disiarkan pada setiap Khamis bermula pukul 11.00 malam menerusi 8TV, LifeInStyle menjanjikan yang terbaik buat peminat fesyen dan individu yang mementingkan perubahan dan peralihan dalam kehidupan.

“LifeInStyle bukan sekadar sebuah program. Sebaliknyaia adalah satu jenama yang bakal memberi kepuasan kepada para penonton. Anda akan memperoleh sesuatu yang diluar jangkaan and,” ujar Pengarah Eksekutif dan pengacara LifeInStyle, Mi-Ki Choong dalam majlis siding akhbar rancangan ini di Hotel Regent, Kuala Lumpur.

Dia yang mengakui begitu teruja menanti program ini ditayangkan memberitahu LifeInStyle diilhamkan sejak tiga tahun lalu. Bagaimanapun pada waktu itu, idea yang dikemukakan oleh seorang temannya dipandang remeh sehingga enam bulan lalu, selepas menjalani pembedahan, gadis ini bersetuju untuk memulakan projek.

Katanya:”Selepas pembedahan, saya berfikir hidup ini singkat dan bersetuju untuk menamakan ia sebagai LifeInStyle. Ia tidak sekadar menceritakan tentang tip membeli-belah, tetapi menolong penonton mengetahui tentang banyak perkara yang berkaitan kecantikan, hidup dan menjadi yang lebih baik dari semalam.”

Tambah Mi-Ki lagi, LifeInStyle juga tidak mengajar penonton berbelanja besar dan memberi jenama mewah hanya untuk kelihatan tidak ketinggalan zaman.

“Ia bukan soal anda harus membeli pakaian berjenama untuk tampil hebat, tetapi bagaimana anda menguruskan wang dan memilih sesuatu yang menarik bagi menampakkan anda seorang yang berpersonaliti,” katanya lagi.

LifeInStyle yang disiarkan selama setengah jam akan memaparkan lima segmen berlainan. Antaranya termasuklah segmen Fashion Zodiac, Urban Chic dan Drawing Board yang diharap mampu membantu penonton.

Dan tarikan program 13 episod ini juga terletak pada selebriti yang diundang untuk beberapa segmen. Antara selebriti yang akan berkongsi tip kecantikan serta rahsia kehidupan mereka termasuklah Cindy Crawford, Anggun, Fann Wong, Raja Zarina, Tiara Jacquelina, Deanna Yusoff, Amber Chia, Anita Sarawak dan ramai lagi.

Ulasnya ringkas tentang pembabitan selebriti antarabangsa dan tempatan ini:”Anda akan terkejut dengan apa yang anda bakal saksikan kelak. Mereka berkongsi cerita lebih daripada apa yang anda sangkakan.”

Dalam masa yang sama, bagi penonton setia rancangan ini, pelbagai hadiah menarik menanti anda dalam beberapa siri petandingan yang berkaitan dengan informasi yang disalurkan melalui segmen Urban Chic. Bagaimanapun peserta harus melayari laman web



   LifeInStyle Press Conference, 21 March 2006 at the Regent Hotel,
     Kuala Lumpur

8TV presents LifeInStyle with Mi-Ki Choong
Young Malaysian entrepreneur cum fashionista hosts Malaysia's first LifeInStyle show

Ever wondered what it is like in the world of successful people – What they do, where they work, shop, play, eat and drink, what attracts them, their secret to success, their inspiration and vision for the future? Then tune in to LifeInStyle with Mi-Ki Choong on 8TV every Tuesday as Malaysia's most sought-after fashionista introduces you to a ‘behind-the-scenes' look at the lifestyles of the people ‘who have made it'.

The half-hour show allows viewers to immerse themselves in a ‘slice-of-life' experience with the young, successful and fashionable, Mi-Ki Choong. Traverse the pathways of luxury and get up close and personal with some of Malaysia's top brands like Montblanc, Omega, Audemars Piguet, and more as LifeInStyle covers the city on the latest happening in the World of living, styles, trends and more.

LifeInStyle creatively divides its segments into innovative topics, creating entertaining platforms to present current lifestyle trends. The ‘happenings' segment, as the name suggests, focuses on happening events around town while the ‘how to' segment covers the area of living, fashion and grooming, beauty from the inside out, fitness, relaxation and spa, romance and jewelry and the list goes on. There is also an interesting segment, on ‘fashion zodiac' that eplores the connection between international celebrities' star sign and fashion sense. The ‘drawing board' segment zooms in on the success stories, inspiration and vision of accomplished names like Tan Sri Dr. Francis Yeoh, Cindy Crawford, Fann Wong, Christy Chung, Anggun, Felipe Massa, Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina, Raja Zarina, Patrick Wee and more whereas topics on shopping, dining and traveling takes center stage In the ‘urban chic' segment.

No matter what it is, a day in LifeInStyle with Mi-Ki Choong is anything but dull. This ambitious jet-setter has visited many places, bumped into many faces and seen lots of glitz and glamour. Local luminaries that appears on LifeInStyle includes the likes of Syafinaz, Anita Sarawak, Amber Chia, Azlan Iskandar, Soraya Dean, Steve Yap, Khoon Hooi, Elaine Daly, Alan Yun, Deanna Yusof, Lina Teoh, Zehan Marissa, Daniel Tan and more. You can expect that intimate tete-a-tetes with these celebrities are going to be part and parcel of LifeInStyle!

However, LifeInStyle is not just skin-deep. As the show unfolds, it delves deeper into the personal philosophies of the host and the people that touch and enrich her life. You will learn some of her celebrity guests' secrets to success, what inspires them and their resolve, visionary quality and ability to stay true to themselves. In the show, Mi-Ki reveals that there is more to life than material wealth.

“LifeInStyle is not just a TV program, it is a concept, a brand. It is the first of its kind in Malaysia and I am honoured to be part of this exciting project,” said Mi-Ki at the LifeInStyle press conference held recently at the Regent.

“The notion behind LifeInStyle is to create an entertaining show that embodies an international feel fused with international guests while featuring local celebrities and personalities. To ensure that our viewers are served with the best quality TV show, all celebrities, brand names, and sponsors appearing on the show are carefully selected. We want to ride on the “Malaysia Boleh” spirit, showing the world that Malaysians too can conceptualize quality shows,” she said.

Mi-Ki, who is credited with the creation, executive producing, script writing and presenting of the show, exudes the confidence and success of many young urbanites today, and she will show you what it takes to be spot-on in style, fashion and finesse throughout the season.

What's more, by tuning in to LifeInStyle on 8TV, you stand a chance to win 5 sets of fragrances worth RM2,000 each totaling to RM10,000 every week. Viewers have to log on to to enter the contest and these prizes will be given to five lucky LifeInStyle viewers who gives a correct recommendation under the Urban Chic segment together with a slogan on how you live your LifeInStyle on a weekly basis. On the fifth week, 500 lucky viewers will be given an opportunity to win a condominium worth more than RM300,000 located in Subang USJ, organized by True Fitness.

To top it all off, LifeInStyle is planning to put together a star-studded Red Carpet event that will be shot as the finale episode of the first season. Watch out for further updates in the next few weeks.

Sponsors and partners of LifeInStyle includes the Nusmetro Group, Montblanc, Omega, Audermars Piguet, Carolina Herrera Fragrance, Marc Jacobs Fragrance, Calvin Klein Frangrance, Vera Wang Fragrance, Paul Smith Fragrance, Burberry Fragrance, True Fitness, The Regent Kuala Lumpur, Si Khiong Star Sdn Bhd and others.

What else could a loyal viewer ask for? So join us, be entertained and be richly rewarded. Tune in to LifeInStyle every Tuesday at 11.00pm to 11.30pm on 8TV beginning March 28, 2006 , and experience your own LifeInStyle.



 The Sun, 28 March 2006

Savvy Host of Glam Lifestyle


Mi-Ki Choong oozes style, beauty and confidence. Although born with a silver spoon – she is the granddaughter of the late Choong Ah Choy, the ‘Lorry King’ – Choong had her life chartered out at a tender age.

Entering university at 16, she was already an astute businesswoman at 21. Today, she is a savvy entrepreneur, property developer, fashion socialite and now host of 8TV’s LifeInStyle programme.

This half-hour show introduces TV viewers to the “behind the scenes” look at the lifestyle of the people who have made it and more. It covers the latest happenings in the world of high living, styles and trends and also traverse the pathways of luxury with closeup looks on brands such as Montblanc, Omega, and Audemars Piquet among others.

There are fiv segments in the show. The “happenings” segment focuses on events around town while the “how to” segment covers topics such as living, fashion and grooming, beauty from inside out, fitness, relaxation and spa, romance and jewellery.

There “fashion zodiac” explores the connection between the international celebrities’ star signs and fashion sense while the “drawing board” zooms in on the success stories, inspiration and vision of accomplishes names like Tan Sri Dr Francis Yeoh, Cindy Crawford, Fann Wong and others.

Topics on shopping, dining and traveling take centrestage in the “urban chic” segment.

Some local luminaries who have appeared on LifeInStyle include Syafinaz, Anita Sarawak, Amber Chia, Azlan Iskandar, Soraya Dean, Steve Yap, Khoon Hooi, Elaine Daly, Alan Yun and Daniel Tan.

TV viewers will learn some of the celebrity guests’ secrets to success, what inspires them, their vision and ability to stay true to themselves.

“LifeInStyle is not just a programme, it is a concept, a brand. It is the first of its kind in Malaysia and I am honoured to be part of this exciting project,” says Choong, who also doubles as executive producer.

“The notion behind the show is to create an entertaining show that embodies an international feel fused with established guests while featuring local celebrities and personalities.”

Sound Bite
On her motto in life
“If you know who you are and what you want, half the battle is won.”

On her family“I treat my parents and siblings with great respect and care. I see them and my best friends as my sources of inspiration. They have stood by me through ups and downs.”

On being fashionista
“I shop for the latest fashion on the streets of Paris, Rome, London, Milan, HongKong and Shanghai at least four times a year. I believe style is about reflecting your own personality, by being who you are and staying true to yourself and not being dictated by others. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin.”

Being on air
“I didn’t want to be just another TV presenter. I am credited with the creation, executive producing, scriptwriting and presenting of the show. It’s a whole new experience for me.”



 Hiburan, Utusan Malaysia, 27 Mac 2006

Program Baru 8TV

STESEN 8TV akan menyiarkan program baru, LifeInStyle, yang memaparkan pelbagai segmen seperti fesyen, hiburan, selebriti dan kecantikan pada setiap Selasa mulai 28 Mac ini dari pukul 11 hingga 11.30 malam.

Program yang diacarakan oleh Mi-Ki Choong dan disiarkan sebanyak 13 episod itu akan mengundang selebriti dalam setiap episode.

Antara selebriti yang dijemput dalam program itu ialah Syafinaz, Anita Sarawak, Tiara Jacquelina, Christy Chung, Alan Yun dan ramai lagi.

LifeInStyle juga menyediakan peraduan kepada para penonton yang menawarkan hadiah utama berupa satu unit kondominium berharga RM300,000 kepada pemenang bertuah.


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